life is not kind of people do you Lee is not clear yet?Others might be able to say I Sumi mean, you?What qualifications?”Sumi look cool, faint.

  Li Qing to come up Sumi’s eyes on the future, just drink drinks embolden the child is awake alre深圳桑拿网ady more than half.
  He thought, this is the woman, killing decisive, they have also to her husband’s sister’s children are brothers and big brother into the whole thing!
  Lee to celebrate then I 杭州桑拿洗浴thought, no matter Zhashui that he is not occupied reasonable?
  Blossoming surnamed Su Chengzhi and that is not what, but name another man’s last name would die?Zhashui not all of their children talk of the town home?Why the hell last name along with others?This thing took advantage of the big guys are, but to take the said said!
  Besides, Sumi do not know why, even as it is now so much money, but in lijiacun still very humble, interaction with others is what has been the younger generation itself.
  So many people, to celebrate Lee Sumi can not believe he’s loud noise!
  With this intention, Li Qing and to feel that they have the courage.
  Cleared his throat: “Su girl, I am not finding fault with you, you now have money, this guy, backed by a good shade tree, the whole dead and we would be a whole dead ants that are similar, if put in the other thing, and that is something fishy grabbed my hand and let me speak, I do not dare say, but if we hear his blood relationship to the family!Even if I was a man to death!I have to say that!Or I’m sorry my brother!I am also sorry that we hear his family’s ancestors!”
  I have to say, to celebrate Lee is a relatively talking, focuses on major, incite feelings of the masses of people.
  Lee is the village most people pay attention to the blood family name thing, which will celebrate Lie to say, the crowd cheers even a few times not to be the source of!

  ☆, [Volume II: business empire] eight hundred and second chapter: impassioned speech

  ”Yes, yes, you went on, really, you say a few words, I have moved.”Sumi sneer, calmly watching Lee to celebrate, and pulled Zhang Li and wanted to celebrate