ring that this is only the first time to do lectures, face is notLiterate villagers fear Huoer did not understand, Wang Xiangqin put it more bluntly a.

  Listen to it, it touches understand, it is almost impossible to do.
  ”That Shiro wife crazy right?This is her pig, or is it wait fathers?”
  ”This is too small a surprise, raising pigs than raising personal also in trouble.BAD?Such p都市体验网igs can be brought out into gold?Yo, replaced me, something rather simple, less a few pounds of meat too much to complain.She raised a pig costs of effort, enough for me to raise three of.”
  ”Too toss, count thirty penny a pound of pork Well, she was more than five pounds per head, that is, fifteen hundred text.Listen is a lot of, you can do every day to do much job?All told five more pennies a day also?For five pennies do not go where I have all day long, it’s hard work to stay in a barn?And she can do more than five pounds per pig?I look iffy.”
  Steal division, so a private exchange, some lack of interest on the.Wang Xiangqin pig this way, seemingly simple and approachable, as if everyone can learn, but in reality for individuals to simply can not do.
  Apart from this small group of people, simply along for the ride is quite广州桑拿网 fun play.This tea drinking, knock melon seeds, peanuts peel the Mavericks blowing, can only say a long, long time no广州桑拿t so Lehe, feel it, all of a sudden refreshing, and the end of the wholly unknown to some boundless.When are some people run to ask again, did not wait for Wang Xiangqin answer, people would yell around opened.
  ”Yes, this is not the first session it?Shashi Hou to the second ah!I look at it either next month, once a month to Oh!”
  ”Science fair ah, once a late!Otherwise, every first and fifteenth come once.”
  ”Next time early child say, ah, that