High-temperature days set off a flawless makeup defense battle

In hot August, the temperature has remained above 30 ° C.

The heat waves and sunlight instantly disintegrate the carefully prepared makeup!

Want to maintain zero-blemish makeup on a hot summer day, come and join us in the perfect defense battle!


hzh {display: none; }  气温:28°  STEP1:保湿攻坚战  如果肌肤的保水度不够,妆容只会愈上愈结块,肤色会看起来粗粗干干,没有光泽.
What’s more important is that once the skin is full of water and the water and oil are in a balanced state, it is not easy to get oily and easy to remove makeup.

  Tip 1: Before makeup, massage, water mask to make the skin hydrated. Everyone’s skin condition is different, dry or oily. First, clean the face.

After applying moisturizing lotion, massage for 2 to 3 minutes to allow the skin to absorb moisture more fully again.

If you still do n’t feel moisturizing, here ‘s a tip: Use a moisturizing mask before applying makeup or moisturize a moisturizing lotion with a cotton pad and apply it to your face for a few minutes.

These steps must be done in order to make the complexion healthy and moisturized.

  Tip 2: After makeup, moisturizing spray to cool down and maintain an important magic weapon is moisturizing spray!

After applying makeup, spray it a few times at a distance of 20 cm from the face. The fine water droplets can not only cool the skin effectively, reduce oiliness, but also reduce the thick feel of the makeup, making it more convincing.

  Air temperature: 30 ° STEP2: Once the temperature of the oil control counterattack is 30 ° C, the phenomenon of “large temperature” on the surface becomes commonplace.

At this time, the oil-controlling powder (foundation) has shown its power, and the bottom makeup is stabilized to the end for the most oil-controlling local oil control.

MM for dry skin needs to choose a delicate and moisturizing foundation.

If it belongs to the severely affected areas of hypertension, you need to choose a highly breathable and professional oil control product.

T-shaped parts, two jaws, lips, chin and other oily places, first apply oil control products; then use a semi-moist powder puff to apply dual-use powder to block and apply.

After finishing makeup, spray a layer of lotion evenly and gently dry with tissue paper.

In this way, even if the sun is shining and the sweat is dripping, you are not afraid to destroy the beautiful makeup.

  Tip 1: Use concealer cream to smooth fine lines. Use foundation or concealer to lightly smooth the fine lines on the skin before using foundation. The foundation can stick to the skin more tightly and make the foundation’s makeup effect more complete.
  Tip 2: Apply foundation with a puff, sponge, and other tools on the foundation. The smaller the area that touches the face, the more natural the foundation will be and the more difficult it is to remove makeup. Therefore, when applying foundation cream or liquid foundation, you can use a sponge.Shape tweezers, or use a fingertip instead of a sponge to nudge.

  Tip 3: Dual-use powder is in use. When choosing a powder, dual-use powder will last longer than liquid foundation or dry powder. The sun-proof and waterproof powder will not only make you take off makeup even in water, but also keep the skin soft and moisturized.。  Temperature: 32 ° STEP3: Waterproof and resisting the war. How to make eye makeup lasting for 32 ° C has always been a headache for many MMs.

Earlier blinks left our upper eyelids with an awkward “thin line” and could easily turn into rough “panda eyes”.

If you go to the beach or do gravity exercises such as mountain climbing, it is even worse.

At this time, waterproof products need to be launched.

Waterproof eyeliner, mascara, eyeshadow and other eye-waterproof makeup series, which wraps moisture with grease to achieve waterproof effect.

  Tip 1: Use eyeliner eyeliner is less durable than eyeliner.

After using the eyeliner and adding a layer of eye shadow powder, the eyeliner will last.

  Tip 2: When applying mascara up and down, apply the mascara first, then start from the surface, and then sweep away from the root of the eyelashes in order. When you scan, you must type a zigzag like a snake to reduce the appearanceIt is not easy to faint afterwards.

Apply the second layer after drying, and the mascara will be firmer.

  Tip 3: Use a wet sponge to block the eye makeup. Applying makeup powder on the eyelids will make it easier to keep the eye makeup lasting. Apply the eye shadow base cream before applying the eye shadow.

Finally, lightly press the eyelids with a slightly moist sponge and gently apply the eye shadow powder.

  Makeup artist tips: Make-up SOS 1. Do not think that applying makeup is to apply a lot of powder directly. This will not only cause the makeup to be too heavy, but also cause “ditches”. The makeup is not even, but the face is even dirty.

It is best to use oil-absorbing tissue paper to absorb the shine before applying makeup, and moisten the puff with light pressure on the makeup surface, and repair it according to the degree of makeup loss.

  2. The best tool for eye makeup is cotton swabs.

But tiny cotton can easily get into your eyes, and if you happen to wear contact lenses, you can also cause eye inflammation.

Therefore, pay special attention to wet the head of the cotton swab and gently wipe it to protect the fragile skin around the eyes and try not to harm it.After wiping off the rest of the makeup, apply pressure on the makeup to make sure the eyelids are completely dry and free of oil.