Acne vs adult acne and acne master share

The cause of annoying acne is actually very complicated, and each person’s situation is different.

At the age of 20, because of the changes in the amount of hormones produced during puberty, acne that grows due to strong sebum secretion, and lack of sleep caused by staying up late and insomnia; acne caused by changes in hormones during the physiological period; life stressLarge, increase the secretion of adrenal glands, produce youthful hormonal pressure of DHEA, grow large and aligned pressure acne; use make-up products or skin care products containing acne-prone skin, make the skin irritated and grow red or swollen or a pieceSmall acne-like cosmetic acne; steroid acne produced by long-term use or external application of steroid drugs.

  Acne that continues to rise beyond puberty is called adult acne.

Adult acne usually occurs at 25?
In a 35-year-old adult woman, constipation, emotional ups and downs, excessive life stress, fatigue, insufficient sleep, and excessive progesterone secretion cause poor body metabolism and acne.

Or because of the onset of menopause, the body’s hormonal imbalance causes the adrenaline to flourish and form menopausal acne.

These acne, which are not acne, usually occur in the lower part of the face. Almost all of them are amazingly large, red and swollen acne. They are not easy to be squeezed out, and will be repeated in the same area.

  But no matter what kind of acne, Qiu Pinqi, a dermatologist at National Taiwan University Hospital, said that the process of anti-acne is basically divided into four major steps: dissolving acne, inhibiting oil production, sterilizing antibacterial and slowing inflammation.

Generally speaking, anti-acne agents for external use include antibiotics, vitamin A acid, benzene peroxide preparations, fruit acid, precipitated sulfur, salicylic acid, azalea acid, azelaic acid, although it can dissolve keratin, acne and antibacterial resistance.Inflammation, however, has the disadvantages of light sensitivity, irritation, dry peeling, drug resistance, and allergic skin.

  Are cosmetic brands effective in selling anti-acne products?

Frankly speaking, for some people with acne or oily muscles, as long as they are in daily maintenance, add ingredients containing fruit acid, salicylic acid, A acid and other ingredients that help keratin metabolism, or use a sulking agent like sulfur.

In case of red pimples, you can use anti-inflammatory and calming effects, such as tea tree, lavender, chamomile, allantoin, witch hazel, triclosan and vitamin B3.

  Most cosmetic brand acne products contain salicylic acid. Salicylic acid can only prevent acne and metabolize keratin. It does not have much effect on acne that is already red and swollen, and it can cause irritation.Anti-effect; the use of tea tree oil for anti-acne, limited effect will be limited, but if the concentration is too high, a little careless use will burn the skin.

Like purulent acne, general anti-acne skin care products have no effect. At this time, only oral or topical antibiotics (such as erythromycin, clindamycin, and tetracycline) can be used.To inhibit the growth of acne bacteria, eliminate inflammation, more severe abscess or nodular type, you must rely on local injections or oral A acid.

  Having said that, don’t think of acne muscles and don’t use skin care products.

In addition to cooperating with the doctor’s prescription, Dr. Liao Yuanli also reminded the acne family to correct the condition of oily and dry skin, and promote keratin metabolism, prevent acne and obtain better anti-acne effects., Must use safe and effective auxiliary medical beauty acne products, in order to achieve synchronous skin conditioning and prevent recurrence of acne.

  Acne vs. adult acne Age: Adolescence around 20 years old: Whole face, but mainly concentrated on forehead, nose and limbs, mainly acne.

  Sudden season: Spring-summer is the worst.

  The main cause of production: excessive secretion of sebaceous glands.

  Main treatment methods: general acne maintenance, antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs.

  * Adult pox age: after 20 years of age onset site: most often in the chin, jaw and neck, it is easy to form acne, and it is common in the same area.

  Onset season: The main cause of incidence: excessive mental and living stress, cosmetics, and pre-physiological hormone changes, causing excessive inflammation of the hair follicle sebaceous glands.

  The main treatment methods: physical and lifestyle adjustments, antibiotics, oral vitamin A acid, hormone treatment.

  Taking A acid safely and effectively Following the news that triclosan (Triclosan, toothpaste, bath milk and anti-acne series, often used as a bactericidal or cleaning-enhancing ingredient) was reported to have caused cancer, it caused consumers a whileAfter the panic, in the middle of this month, the U.S. Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) also announced the purchase of Rocutan capsules (also known as Roaccu-tane) and similar drugs by Roche Pharmaceuticals.The pharmacist who issued the prescription and the pharmacy sold must both register with the “iPLEDGE” website and keep track of it.

Rocotan’s main component is a synthetic antilipidonic acid A. After taking it, pregnant women have a 50% chance of giving birth to a child with mental retardation and a 25% chance of giving birth to a deformed child. This is why dermatologyPhysicians are particularly cautious when prescribing oral vitamin A acid. Women cannot conceive within one month of taking A acid, nor can they become pregnant during the medication period and one month after discontinuation.

  Basically, there are too many people with acne who use oral A acid to treat severe acne. For patients who need oral medicine to treat acne, 2 out of 10 people need to use A acid to get effective.the treatment.

  Precautions for oral anti-acne drugs In addition to oral vitamin A acid, oral anti-acne drugs basically use antibiotics as the first-line medication, followed by anti-inflammatory agents, estrogen drugs (such as oral contraceptives) and anti-androgenic drugs.Which drug is used requires a stable and complete treatment period and an adequate dose.

“Said Liao Yuanli, a dermatologist.

Taking women with adult or stress acne who ca n’t take oral vitamin A acid as an example, you can choose to take oral contraceptives to fight acne, but it usually takes 3 months to 6 months to see a good anti-acne.Best, and too many people will be surprised to have “variable” surprises because of the increased amount of female hormones after using this hormone therapy.

  When is the best time to take medicine or rubbing medicine, in fact, it will also affect the effectiveness of good and bad.

From the beginning to the end of the whole course, it must be fixed at the same time every day, 2 or 3 times a day, on an empty or almost empty stomach (for example, if one hour before and after taking tetracyclineIf you eat inside, only 30% of the drug will be absorbed and exert its skin effect, and the remaining 70% will penetrate your excrement and get out of the body).

In addition, avoid photographing excessive amounts of iodine-containing food, and do not drink cow’s milk one to one and a half hours before taking the medicine and two hours after taking the medicine.

Remember, you must follow the doctor’s instructions to take it on time. It should be taken in the morning and taken in the morning. Do not be smart by yourself, but offset the anti-acne effect.

  How to make acne skin beautiful and make-up Even if the face is full of tofu, there are still copyrights and beautiful rights.

Hu Qianting, assistant professor of dermatology at Chang Gung Hospital, said that when choosing a foundation, it is best to contain acne (such as a small amount of fruit acid, salicylic acid, vitamin B3, zinc), and the oil content should not be too high, Experts are non-acne-prone (non-acne-prone) and hypoallergenic (hypoallergen), a hydrophilic foundation with sunscreen ingredients, as far as possible to avoid bright makeup.

  Red and swollen acne can be treated with yellow concealer or green concealer.

In case of acne scars, before applying the foundation, you can use a concealer that is darker than normal skin tone, and press it gently from the middle of the acne scar, then apply foundation, apply some honey powder, and add a little cheek.Red, just put on eyeshadow and apply lipstick or lip gloss.
  How Blu-ray cures acne is widely known as an anti-acne method in medical beauty, including fruit peels, amino acid treatments, diamond micro-engraving, growth factor introduction, laser microdermabrasion, radio wave regeneration treatment, pulse light treatment, light therapy and anti-acneAcne needles (ie, botox + hyaluronic acid + vitamin C), etc. For those who are afraid of pain, redness, swelling, and uncomfortable acne, they are discovered by German doctors in 1990, which can cause acne redness and inflammation.Bacillus, which produces and secretes an endocyanin, as long as the wavelength is 400?
Under the blue light of 420nm, free radicals will be generated and the ulcers will be destroyed.

With blue light irradiation treatment, there is no need to cooperate with drugs, as long as 15 times at a time?
20 minutes, about a month of treatment, there will be a good anti-inflammatory bactericidal anti-acne effect.
  According to the color of the acne, Yuxia, which belongs to the Shiseido system, is divided into four types according to the color.

  * White acne: pores are clogged and sebum accumulates in a white state.

Usually it is because the living habits make the body easily cold (such as those with yang deficiency but wear thin T straps), or eat a lot of or put in cold food, the blood and water circulation is insufficient, resulting in the failure to smoothly discharge the old dead horny,Is a Yang deficiency constitution.

Oral prescriptions for nourishing yin and clearing heat are four ingredients of raw land, and raw medicine prescriptions include raw rehmannia root, angelica, paeonia lactiflora and chuanxiong.

  * Red acne: Inflammation causes blood vessels to dilate, making acne red, which may be due to hormonal imbalances or weight loss, fatigue, excessive pressure, internal heat and blood and water tangles, and it is a yin deficiency constitution.

Oral prescriptions for clearing heat and detoxification include Huanglian Jiedu Decoction, Sanhuang Xiexin Decoction, and crude medicine prescriptions include Huanglian, Scutellaria baicalensis, Cork, Ten Herbs, Camphor, Mandrill, Rhubarb.

  * Yellow acne: due to excessive reproduction and stimulation of acne bacillus, yellow pustules are accumulated in the pores, which is a Yin deficiency constitution.

  * Tea acne: Melanin precipitation caused by pigmentation due to inflammation.

  Acne * cleaning is the most important part, but it should be cleaned moderately and never over cleaned.

  * Drink and live normally. Eat more fruits and vegetables and drink plenty of water.

Vitamin B complex is an essential nutritional supplement to fight acne.

  * Take it easy and don’t put too much pressure on yourself.

  * Pay attention to hygiene.

  * Use skin care products and cosmetics properly, and of course, have comprehensive sun protection measures.

  * Don’t crowd the acne.

Squeezing acne can cause secondary bacterial infections of the skin, and severely, it can also cause cellular tissue inflammation.

Even if the surface has whiteheads, you can wash your hands and squeeze the whiteheads a little bit.

If you really can’t stand the acne that hinders your eyes, you can go to a dermatology clinic and ask a dermatologist to help you squeeze acne with a special acne squeezing tool and sterile technology.

  * Unfortunately, you have acne scars, so be sure to use high-concentration whitening products (IPSA’s concentrated whitening essence W, SKⅡ’s whitening essence, or dr) in the first time (ie, wounds without wounds).

brandt’s supple and firming vitamin C essence), supplemented with antioxidant, moisturizing and oil control maintenance, combined with comprehensive sun protection, will not leave regretful acne scars.

  * In case of acne scars, you can apply steroids or liquid nitrogen to flatten the scars.

If it is like a cavity on the moon’s surface, the most direct way is microdermabrasion, cold-touch laser, or local injection of collagen, because using any acne scar care product is futile ~~ Beauty master anti-acne articlesThe treatment of acne really requires patience. The most important thing is to use the right method. People with acne wounds are always envious of those with good skin, but there is often unknown hard work behind the skin.I went to the maintenance experts in the beauty circles of the two countries to share their history of anti-acne blood and tears. The current skin condition of the two beauty experts is very good, it is difficult to believe that there have been acne-ridden moments.Let’s unveil their anti-acne secrets together!

  Beauty Beauty No. 1 * Nicole (Editor of Fashion Magazine Beauty) * Stress-type acne * Anti-acne time: half a year * History of anti-acne blood and tears: Nicole has no record of acne at all in his family, and his skin texture is good since childhoodThere was no acne invasion. I thought that such healthy baby-like skin would continue to be taken for granted. However, under the influence of long-term work pressure, Nicole was entangled in acne.

  Because of the pressure, Nicole started to have acne. She originally had a lot of acne. She thought that she would get better soon, and then she began to intersperse the large and red acne. This made her born with good skin.Frightened, he began to turn to the doctor for help, because it was an endocrine disorder caused by work stress and acne, so Nicole turned to a Chinese medicine doctor from the beginning.

Acupuncture was used to adjust the body’s endocrine and release toxins from the body. Among them, Nicole was most impressed by the fact that TCM also bleeds her face, and the doctor performed it from the forehead and the neck.The discharged blood showed a black blood clot. The doctor said that because of Nicole’s toxin accumulation in the body and the spleen had problems, he should use this method to detox. Because the traditional Chinese medicine method is gentle and progressive, the effect will not appear immediately, soNicole also watched western medicine in the course of Chinese medicine law two days a week and continued for 3 to 4 months.

  Beauty No. 2 * Niu Er (beauty expert) * natural acne skin * anti-acne time: adolescence is still ongoing * anti-acne blood tear history: Before the interview, I always thought that the good skin of Niu Er was born,But after listening to his anti-acne path, I have to say that diligence can make up for it, and careful and correct maintenance is really the king of good skin.

  Born with oily muscles, he was infected by acne in the middle of the middle period. In addition, the constitution is hot and dry, so the diet is only a little careless, which will make the acne more serious, and it is easy to be nervous. The three factors affectAs a result, Niu Er has been fighting acne since early.

  As a child, Niu Er had a period of understanding to fight acne. He also used a lot of small recipes, such as washing his face crazy, drinking snake meat soup, and so on. After college, because of his interest in beauty, he began to adopt orthodox anti-acne.Method, oral A-acid, fruit acid peeling and pulse light all have been tried, 8 years ago, after trying fruit acid peeling, the effect was good, the skin condition began to improve, and the fruit acid products delivered by medicated makeup were used in combination.After no less than 20 times, the redness and swelling of Niu Er after skin peeling will become less obvious, otherwise the skin will become sensitive and red after a few days of peeling.

Once he neglected the fragility of the skin after the skin change, and ran to the mountain the next day. Although he had sunscreen, he still got sunburned. Therefore, Niuer specially reminded the benefits of sunscreen after skin peeling. Do not let the skin directly expose the sun., But also rub enough sunscreen, worried that the amount of rubbing is not enough, you can repeat the application two or three times.

  In addition to fixed acid, Niu Er now takes oral A acid once every two days and introduces ultrasound once a week to help clear the dirt in the pores. Do regular pulse light to increase skin elasticity and reduce pores.At the same time, you must pay great attention to your diet. Fried foods are absolutely not touched, because hot cows have acne as soon as they eat them, and they eat less starch products, because the sugar in starch will be digested and absorbed.Proteins combine to form sugar compounds, which cause saccharification, which can easily irritate the skin and make acne worse, so Niu Er only eats one meal of rice a day and halves the amount.

  Every morning, I eat white fungus lily tincture regularly. This recipe is derived from the maintenance recipe of Empress Cixi. Most people think that the royal family only eats bird’s nest. In fact, they often eat white fungus because white fungus is rich in gelatin and is good for the skin.There is no problem of animal colloidal high cholesterol, but it must be boiled during stewing so that the colloid can be easily absorbed by the human body, as well as moisturizing the lungs. It is not easy to adjust the physique, and lily has a good moisturizing effect.In this way, focus on diet and health care to adjust physical fitness, not only not easy to get acne, but also healthy.