[How to save Baixiang]_How to save_How to store

Any food has the best taste and nutrition when it is fresh, but there are always some unexpected conditions in life that need to be preserved. Seasonal fruits such as passion fruit can be preserved sometimesGood to eat later.

Different preservation methods are selected according to the personal storage time of passion fruit, such as refrigerating in the refrigerator, air-drying, and placing passion fruit jams are all suitable preservation methods.

(1) Refrigerator Refrigeration When it comes to the long-term preservation method of passion fruit, I believe that everyone will choose to put passion fruit in the refrigerator for refrigeration.

Indeed, refrigerating in a refrigerator can greatly extend the shelf life of passion fruit, and the effect is very good.

First of all, we dried the passion fruit one by one, and wrapped the passion fruit individually with plastic wrap, and put it in the refrigerator to keep it fresh. It can be stored for about 2 weeks.

(2) Naturally dried passion fruit is just like a “breathing” fruit. It may not be as ripe when just picked, but it will gradually ripen and wither after picking.

At this time, you want to keep the passion fruit for a longer time. You can put the passion fruit in a dry and ventilated place. After the skin of the passion fruit is air-dried, even for a week, the pulp and juice inside are still fresh.

(3) What is the long-term preservation method of passion fruit jam?

No matter what kind of fruit has its shelf life, for a fruit such as passion fruit, if you want to keep it for a long time, you can make it into passion fruit jam, which can greatly improve the shelf life of passion fruit.

After making the jam, put it in a sterile glass jar, keep it refrigerated and sealed for at least three months.