Easily create slender limbs and try step 7 yoga

Guide: Kirin Arm?

Butterfly sleeve?

Radish legs?

Elephant leg?

Fantastic horror words!

If you have these horrible parts, come and take a look at this set of weight loss yoga moves prepared by Xiaobian for you. Simple step-by-step movements to easily create slender limbs!

  Posture 1, contract A on the sides of the hands and feet.

Hold your body toward the front, keep your left hand on the ground, bend your left leg to 90 ° between your big and small legs, and lift your right hand up.


Bend your right leg, bend your elbow in your right hand, and retract at the same time.

  Repeat multiple times on each side, alternating left and right.

  Part of exercise: Arm, thigh posture 2, sitting posture single leg fracture A.

Sit down, bend your legs together, bend your knees, and let your hands hang down naturally. Lift your right leg and straighten it.


Keep your right leg up, put your hands behind your head, straighten your right hand forward, and try to touch your right toe.

Put it down and repeat the change.

  Repeated from left to right twice.

  Exercise parts: arms, knees, legs, 3, hips A buttocks.

Prepare for push-ups (you can use yoga bricks at your toes), with your back and hips on a flat surface.


Raise your hips, lower your head, and make your body pyramid-shaped. Keep breathing for 3 times and return to your starting position.

  Repeat the action several times.

  Exercise site: arm, hip 4, fracture A in the sitting arm.

Sit down with your legs together and straight forward, with your hands hanging down naturally.


Lean back slightly, bend your elbows, put your hands on your waist, straighten your right hand at an angle of 45 °, and look at your fingertips.

  Left and right hands alternate gradually upwards multiple times.

  Exercise part: Arm 5, push up A against the wall.

Put your legs together, facing the upper part of the arm. The distance between the leg and the wall is slightly longer than the length of the arm. The palm is close to the opening and the arm is straight.


Inhale, bend your elbows, lean forward, lift your heels, exhale, straighten your arms, and recover.

Repeat multiple times.
  Part of exercise: Arm 6, transposition push-up in sitting position.

Sit on a stool with your hands on the edges, your thighs parallel to the ground, and your lower legs extended slightly forward.


With both hands as support points, leave your hips off the stool, press down alternately, and lift up.

  Repeat multiple times.
  Exercise area: Arm 7, swing Ling A with Ling.
Stand upright, hold dumbbells in both hands, hang naturally, bend elbows, straighten forearms.


Put it down, hold your back and lift up as much as possible.

  Exercise part: arm