What is the problem of shortness of breath in newborns?

The nurse in the nursery room had just finished packing a newborn baby. As soon as she looked up, she saw a mother standing outside the glass window, looking anxious, as if she had something to say to Xiaoyue.

Satsuki recognized her, and she was the mother of a 23-bed baby sleeping in a warm box to the right of the glass window.

She visited her baby 3 times today, and stood outside the glass window each time, observing the baby sleeping in the incubator for a long time.

“what happened?

“Satsuki opened the door of the nursery and asked her.

“Miss nurse, my baby is breathing very fast, as if out of breath, you see quickly, are you sick?

“The mother asked anxiously.

“No, it was normal during the tour just now.

“Xiaoyue secretly thought.

However, she remembered that the teacher once said that the newborn child’s body was delicate, and once he became ill, his condition changed so quickly that he couldn’t take it lightly.

So, she immediately came to the 23rd incubator. First, she carefully observed the baby and found that the baby was wearing a small shirt and was sleeping soundly. Her lips were not blue, and her abdomen was very regular.

She put on a stethoscope and looked at the watch, silently counting the child’s breathing and heart rate for 1 minute.

Breathing 41 times and heart rate 149 times are in the normal range.

She was restless and counted again.

Yes, the child is normal.

At this moment, she gently appealed for relief, completely relieved.

“The child is fine.

“She told the young mother.

“No, you look at his stomach, how fast he breathes.

I counted it, more than 40 times a minute!

“The young mother didn’t believe it.

Xiaoyue told the mother: “When the baby was born, it was mainly breathing by the abdomen, so you saw his little belly up and down, and they breathed faster than normal adults.About 40 times a minute.

“Oh, that’s it.

“The young mother is a little skeptical,” How many times does it take for such a small child to breathe abnormally?

“While polishing the nervousness of this mother-in-law, Satsuki explained:” If the child’s breathing rate continues to exceed 60?
70 times, even if the shortness of breath, this time often indicates that there are diseases of the respiratory system or other systems.

However, be sure to count the number of breaths in a quiet situation.

When your child is crying, his breathing will increase.

“Oh, I see, as long as it’s okay, it scares me.

“The young mother sighed.

“What a pitiful parent’s heart!”

Xiao Yue couldn’t help sighing as she watched the young mother’s relief.

She thought that only by working hard can more parents be assured.

She gently knocked on the door and walked towards those cute babies .