The less sleep, the more belly loves you

It seems difficult for middle-aged men over the age of 40 to avoid sculpted bodies, double chins, and beer belly has almost become an orthographic mark for middle-aged men.

What exactly caused the middle-aged male to lose shape?

According to the latest research survey, sleep quality is a major cause.

  According to the latest research report published by the University of Chicago in the Journal of the American Medical Association recently: As men age, the deeper stages of sleep become less and less, and boots affect the secretion of hormones and make men’s bodies out of shape.

  The less time you spend in deep sleep, the fewer hormones that promote growth.

Lack of growth hormones will lead to an increase in fecal tissue in the body and accumulation in the abdomen, which will reduce muscle mass, strength and exercise load, with minimal disciplinary effects each year.

  ”If we increase the duration of deep sleep, the growth hormones we secrete will increase.

“Said Eve Van Cauter, a medical expert at the University of Chicago.

“Maybe it can be slowed down by researching medicines that help deep sleep or injections of specific hormones.

“Court pointed out that this will become the enemy of middle-aged men-beer belly, delaying the appearance of ten or even twenty years.

  Dr. Court and her research team in 1985?

In 1999, a series of studies were conducted on 149 healthy men aged 16-83 years.

It was found that once men are over 45 years old, they have almost lost the ability to sleep deeply; for men who are over fifty, sleep time is reduced by 27 minutes every ten years.

  For men under the age of 25, deep sleep accounts for about 20% of the total sleep time at night; 25 years old?

35-year-old men have fallen to 12%; men over 35 years of age have less than 5% in deep sleep!

During deep sleep, our blood pressure decreases and our heartbeat is slow, so we can rest our cardiovascular system during deep sleep.

  Dr. Cot suggested that men are best from 35?

Some measures have been taken to improve sleep between the age of 40, such as: taking a hot bath before bed to increase body temperature, exercising for more than 20 minutes, every Wednesday?

Four times, these all help increase deep sleep time.

Because this study is aimed at men, it may not be applicable to women.