After 80, have you been urged by your parents?

As the 80’s generation has gradually become a new force in society, the group’s own marital status has naturally become the focus of social attention.

Nowadays, when the married people of the 1980s bear both social and family responsibilities, the unmarried people of the 80s are facing many problems at the same time. Among them, “urge marriage” and “urgent marriage” have become common problems.

  ”Are you urged by your parents?

“This sentence seems to have become a” greeting “among many post-80s unmarried people.

For unmarried men and women born in the early 80’s, it is inevitable that they will encounter “urgent marriage” by their parents every holiday or family gathering.

  There is a post on the Internet: “When my mother knew me, I was going to spend a year looking for my girlfriend, talking about two years of love and getting married, and after two years of marriage, I wanted to have a baby again, and I said a thunderous thing: you do n’t hurry up,You can talk when your child is born. You want him to call your grandpa!

“Complete netizens said: Mom met Wanaer and met her three aunts and four wives. Everyone knows that I am 30 years old and I have no girlfriend. I said,” You didn’t take him to the hospital to see. Is there something wrong with him? ”

“As a result, my mother fled into the desert and got angry with me when I got home.” Son, you have to find a girlfriend for me to get married, so that your mother and I will lose face! ”

“Older female youths are even faced with the trouble of” promoting marriage “. A female netizen pointed out:” When I return to my hometown during the Spring Festival, I will be urged to marry no matter where I go.


When is your wedding drink?

Hey, if I ca n’t solve my personal problems next year, I wo n’t return to my hometown during the Spring Festival. I really dare not go back!

“. For the post-80s marriageable children, the parents’ anxiety is fully verbal, and they are also involved in action. They will ask each other for help to introduce the child to the children, and some will accompany the children to the blind date, evenMany parents also organize blind dates.

Of course, online dating websites have also sprung up. Many post-80s “white-collar workers” and “gold-collar workers” have begun to transform the Internet’s vast space to choose the right people.

  It points out that the pressing of loved ones’ “marriage”, reorganization is the prevalence of dating and dating websites, which shows that there is indeed a trend of aging young people in the city. Among them, the young people who are suitable for marriage are also eager to find lovers.And eventually become dependents.

  To this contradiction, experts analyzed and said, “According to Maslow’s theory of the hierarchy of personality needs, human needs are divided into physiological and survival needs, safety needs, love and fate.

Love and marriage are mainly to meet the needs of people’s love and fate, and now many young people mention that love and marriage are more about the needs of physical and survival, and often put material conditions first, plusThe mentality of comparison, so I always think about waiting for the material conditions to talk about marriage.

The accumulation of material conditions requires a process, and this process must be accompanied by moods such as loneliness and loneliness.

What’s more, the final result of the struggle is not necessarily the achievement of fame, so many suitable young people in this process only fall in love and not marry, and miss the best time to get married day by day.

  In fact, the correct concept of love and marriage should put people first, because we marry people, not material things.

With such a concept, the troubles of post-80’s “marriage” will be greatly reduced.