ping enlighten Winchester.But, now the mother of Zhu whole family to be so hectic, that when her daughter-long, do not say use the service one, at least have to ensure that Wen’s not go inside chaos.

  ”Wen’s, you are not very good earlier chicken?Well people北京夜网, busy refused to take the other.Otherwise, you finish this tire life, but also to raise chickens?”
  ”No, it can not.”Wen’s mouth twitched, she also has the psychological shadow of chicken, of course, she was considered the most important reason is afraid pig chicken.
  ”No chicken, pig would be good.Shiro wife not to say that you are willing to pay in compensation Piggy?How about you, you spend money to buy, not bad anyway you that this is a.If you are afraid to face the ugly, they simply wait, and other domesticated others back out, you catch on the homes of piglets.She did pig, as you know, people keep pigs is not bad, when you buy a pair of pigs, according to Yang, both have the money to have a thing to do, all day long the province of staring at someone’s home that third of an acre.Ah, jealous of others is useless, you have to stand up to their own!”
  With that, your mother regardless of her uncle willing or not, Chanqi then she started 北京体验网her yard to go, he just gave her to mix the court room, shouting Dairo come back also looked at, this peace of mind to leave.
  Wen’s really not able to resist this time, she figured, the pig is indeed a good idea, after all, not when the separation, she did not see the little pig Wang Xiangqin Sinong.Besides, like the uncle Niangshui it, the problem is that the quality of pig, little pig’s relationship with another way.It.
  ”Dairo, ah, so my birth to this child, pig Ah a little bigger, and that time we brought her home, so she helped take care of.I do, just keep some fr