re to speak.

  Glance at him, Liu Dahai screaming, deliberately carelessly said: “What is urgent?Etc. The result is that we, I believe that the police would harm our Wangbagaozi to kick out.You do not rush to believe the police, public servants believe they will get justice alternative we!”
  That is righ北京夜生活网t that uphold justice, the police control room listening to straight to laugh.
  Next obsessed with work colleagues heard his laughter, without looking up asked: “What’s so funny thing encountered?”
  Police pointed to surveillance video, said: “These people look like mixed society, and said that we should believe the police, we will give them get justice, they also help them with others seek justice?Others do not do justice to them is good for him.”These people seem to be trifled.
  The police occupation, have the most contact is the bully, this AIDS thing most of the night frequently called upon to deal with those who break things, over time, who does not like this kind of social Anding Yuan?
  ”Not necessarily, absolutely no life, they can act violently fighting hard in front of ordinary people, but to put before the ruthless role 北京会所体验网it may not be enough to read.”Some of the older police said, shaking his head.Such a thing, after a long dry dry Police common.
  They chatted for a while, the director opened the door and came in, two police immediately stood up, looked at him.
  Director patted the shoulder of young people looking at the monitor: “Wang, how?Rewarding it?”
  Wang pointed to the monitor screen, said: “This looks like a sophisticate Liu Dahai, the Yang seems a little uneasy, he told Liu Dahai quietly said something, did not catch the sound is too small.Later, after a while children, they asked how old asked for a two poker, playing poker.”
  Screen, a group of shirtless, three men grabbed five cards in crude Landlords, not play money in the police station, no luck, they set another rule, who lost, three cups of water to irrigation.Such a childish game, simply by their fiery play, applause, cries constantly, and made the room like a vegetable market as