olding the dog mouth, long while, gently press a dog苏州夜网‘s head, and went.

  Out of the house, the Soviet Union pour pace and slow down, the wind is very comfortable on the face.
  Noon sun warm, golden light exudes sparkling lake, stream have thirty-two laundry woman, a series of large and small bubbles along the water downstream, and some crashing on the rocks.
  No one lake.Here cold, waterfalls voice was loud, not for chatting.But the Soviet Union has been poured in here to wash clothes, the one good at communication, and secondly, do not want the dirty water flowing downstream.
  Wash your hands down, hidden in the house of blue collar day things even drew a curve hanging, swinging in the chest.
  She wiped her hands on clothes, carefully picked up the pendant.
  This is a small ring sized apricot as a glass pipe bent into the notch in the upper right corner.
  Coagulation touch bright blue a北京夜生活t the bottom, like water, but does not flow.A transparent glass regularly engraved few horizont广州桑拿网al Changchangduanduan.
  Who revere it when thrown over, sparkling blue one suspended in the air, may reflect the whole sky glow are cold, she thought it was a star.
  Until it fall into the hands, only to find a small, cold hard ring, inside the blue ink only point like a star, just sign her journey from the head.
  The same girl was called the Soviet Union pour her first host, was only three years old when played.
  That year even the guilty Gentile, weak court, civil Intifada White Lotus occupied flat in Beijing, the capital has been calm into the melee, many wealthy aristocratic family fled south.
  Fleeing robbers and traffickers road rampage, looting merchants specialized team, overload often frightened horses, deserted, a few displaced families.
  After a bandit robbery escaped death