the people will be turned upside down, at least to find a better family, do not worry at this time.

  Zhu Chen matchmaker Qiaochu does not like before, and quickly smooth things over, “let them go to a movie, look.”Chen Chong said as he winked before杭州桑拿洗浴, meaning parents are Italian man.
  Chen thought before, agreed.
  Needing to see two movies together, certainly not, this is the beginning Zhu matchmaker let reason and more with a girl before Chen.Just before Chen did not expect that at most one, they bring out the whole family whole.
  The man has a cousin, greeting Tai Mei said: “Go, tunnel warfare today is the movie, check it out.”
  Chen nodded before, to be honest, he has not seen the movie.This timing was not right either, he wants to go and see.
  Tai Mei Mei and two cousins followed the two men left, before Chen bluntly asked: “How much are you going to bride price money?”
  The couple looked at each other, he kept coughing Zhu matchmaker, she did not expect Chen before the meeting so directly, this is not something you should be tactful point.
  The couple called off the matchmaker Zhu said something to hide in the side, that is to say for a long time.
  Campbell is the fir杭州桑拿st time a few girl and come to this park, Chen afraid of them wandered off before, do not let them out of sight.
  Several Campbell girl holding a walk around to see, and occasionally pull leaves, flowers or pinch.
  Zhu matchmaker and the couple left the three Ah could not help but complain, “the man is too short a bar, not his father and mother is not good for him, did not give him a child good food, hungry for him?”
  Last visit to Hui Chun Tang, leaves a short boat say they look, because a child is not white enough nutrition, so to see a short look, and she suspected the father and mother n