s is gone, leaving only worry.Active in the past asked Chen Bo, the hungry and asked him not to get something to eat.

  Chu Shan “Tut,” a cry, be rare to see Yan Yan initiative to please people’s appearance, was going to joke the two can not show the presence of so many people face, the results stunned to see the scene.
  Bo Chen Yan Yan came at the time took a step backward, not who ignores Yan Yan said, staring at Yan Yan’s face looked for a moment after, removed the cold eye.
  ”I’ll go up.”
  Not just leave everyone witnessed this moment, all dumbfounded.
  苏州夜网Tang Tang thoughtfully looked at the two, so everyone scattered, small Yan Ming upstairs to call to the.
  Bo Chen heart mess.
  He took out a cell phone, Portugal and Spain searched two English words, staring at the word Puese looked for ages, finally believed the words of Tang Tang.
  Tang Tang not deceive him, this child is Portuguese.
  The Portuguese-speaking proficiency known as the Yan Yan, his goddess Yan Yan, actually did not even understand.
  Do not ask why, he is also the entertainment people, understand the nature of the so-called artists who set up how it was.There are many so-called artists who set up all false, but Yan Yan never in the ranks, but now, Bo Chen had to admit, this versatile Yan Yan after the filmmakers set up, it seems a little fake.
  After the film of course is true, some time ago after she won the T广州桑拿网okyo shadow.
  But almighty word, she can not afford the.
  Faith collapse feeling, very hard to accept.
  Bo Chen Yan Yan’s image in the eyes of good, little by little began to break down now, Bo Chen feel very confused.
  He lay in bed, a move do not want to move.
  And so made a good stay a while later, Chen Bo This reminds hindsight, why Tang Siu-tong will say it Lusophone.
  He immediately looking for Tang Tang to ask, but a pick up the phone and thought of his being a black thing Tang Tang pull, Bo Chen did not dare to send text messages.
  Since coming to this program, Tang Siu-tong and image