How to better skin care everyday

Female friends all love beautiful, smooth skin and no acne is the dream of every girl. Meitu mobile phone P can only be said to “cheat”, good skin in life is really good.

How to make your skin better?

Remember that there are no ugly girls, only lazy girls, and act now.

  1. Deep cleansing.

  There will be a lot of garbage hidden in the skin’s pores. It is best to do a deep cleansing when washing your face, and clean the garbage inside, so as not to affect the health of the skin for a long time.

  2. Pay attention to sun protection.

  As the saying goes, one hides three ugly.

If you get tanned, it will seriously affect the appearance of the skin, so pay attention to sun protection, strong ultraviolet rays irradiate the rough skin, and even cause skin cancer.

  3. Get plenty of sleep.

  Sleeping beauty, as the name suggests, beautiful women fall asleep. Sufficient sleep can improve many skin problems and promote skin metabolism.

And people who stay up late often have dark circles and acne, which seriously affect the skin.

  4, regular diet.

  Diet should be regular, not overeating, or dieting at will, these bad habits will have a bad effect on the skin and complexion.

  5. Skin care.

  Regular skin care will not only help skin whiten, but also make your skin healthier.

  6. Facial massage.

  Frequent facial massage can improve your skin condition, increase skin elasticity, and reduce wrinkle marks.

  7. Learn to decompress yourself.

  Every thief will have more or less stress when facing life, work, and academic problems. They must learn to decompress themselves, otherwise the stress will be too large, and forehead will grow small acne.

  8. Exercise every day.

  Normal exercise every day can promote blood circulation. The skin of people with good blood circulation will be naturally rosy and shiny, while those who have not exercised for a long time will become pale, and there will be no vitality.

  Through the above sharing, I hope to help female friends have beautiful skin.