eginning perhaps looks gentle, handsome facial features Zheng Jin some interest, but the mother’s remarks gave up her Qi Si, and now is not to set foot outside courtyard where Cheng Jin.

Charm Beneath, color makeup and more interesting, where free to deal with what ungratefulThe eldest son.

Like Niangqin say, such a person, to look at both your eyes sting.


Zheng Jin relieve a little bit of a headache, do not know his deepest desire not w深圳桑拿网ant to see him a little bit of beauty.

Su exquisite after his pulse to adjust the medicine, give him time to diagnose the troubles, let him sleeping when more.

Zheng Jin conscious of time, plus the headache is not so severe, they inevitably think of Ye Ling, but no longer saw beauty.

Just the first two days restrain live, until the third day, the South could not help but get in a word candle, candle according to Su Nan exquisite commanded, saying only that Miss out.

Ming Ling Ye Zheng Jinming occasionally hear a little bit of laughter, South candle insisted Ling Ye are not.

Listen carefully to the South candle, candle just south whispered, “son could there got it wrong?South candle can not hear anything, only hear the wind / rain.”Or a look Zheng Jin, said dryly,” South candle did not hear.”

Zheng Jin of such BU into the rough maidservants, downright worry, the mouth can only say, “Xu misheard.”

For Ye Ling, only to avoid her mother and her maid to do more entangled, or have not seen Ling Ye, I’m afraid it was wary of the.

Where people have been saved, and then inquire about Baba benefactor’s daughter.


Although in the hearts, not to save his embroidered Tong Nguyen, but Ye Ling.

Zheng Jin began to feel a simple f深圳桑拿网amily population, that sooner or later encounter the girl alive.

Who knows, the four five days without seeing, heart irritability also up.

Some heavy head pain, but is not started, so that blood flowing up impatient clamor pain, itching some wounds, the healing should be.

A leg splint can not move, but the other leg can.

Zheng Jin began to make for themselve