The old man’s medication is clear

First, take the diet first, and then use the traditional saying: “It is a drug three-point poison”, so you can use the therapeutic diet first, this is a double-double.

For example, drinking ginger brown sugar water can treat cold and cold.

After the diet is still not effective, consider using physical therapy, massage, acupuncture and other methods, and finally choose to use medication.

  Second, the first use of traditional Chinese medicine, after the use of Western medicine, Chinese medicine is mostly natural medicine, its toxicity and complications are generally smaller than Western medicine, unless the use of Western medicine does have special effects.

Older people often suffer from chronic diseases or old roots. Under normal circumstances, it is best to take Chinese medicine for conditioning.

  Third, first use, after the use of internal medicine to reduce the toxicity of drugs to the body, can be treated with external medicine, some skin diseases, gingivitis, sprains, etc. can be first detoxification with external application, swelling, preferably without oral administrationAnti-inflammatory drugs.

  Fourth, first use internal medicine, after injection, some middle-aged and old people want to inject an injection, thinking that the injection is so fast, it is not.

The pharmacist flows through the bloodstream and finally enters the heart, directly endangering the blood vessel wall and heart.

Therefore, if the drug can be relieved by internal medicine, it is not necessary to use an injection.

  Fifth, the first use of medicine, and then with new drugs precipitation, new drugs, special drugs continue to emerge.

In fact, they have unique benefits in some aspects, but due to the shortened application time, their shortcomings and toxic side effects, especially the long-term phase has not been recognized by some people, and new drugs that can not stand the test of time and eventually be eliminated are not uncommon.

Therefore, it is best to use Chinese and Western medicines when the elderly are sick. It is really necessary to use new and special medicines, especially when it comes to imported medicines.